What's the price of a residential garage door, including the installation?

Garaga offers you a wide choice of garage doors in all price ranges. The first thing to realize is that several components can change the purchase price. Here are some points that can help you sort it all out.

New construction or a renovation?

  • This will influence the installation price as well as the cost for a carpentry work (ex.: framing), if needed.
  • If you are building a garage or closing off a carport to turn it into a garage, we will show you how to prepare the opening.

Need help?

To help you make an enlightened choice about purchasing of a new garage door, contact us! What’s more, we can provide you with a free quotation.

The garage door itself

  • If you are going to heat your garage, based on the insulation and weathertightness of the door you are looking for, the price can vary from 15% to 25%. The thicker the door, for instance a 1 ¾" vs. a 1 3&frsl;8" door, the higher the price.
  • The type of insulation, either polyurethane or polystyrene, can also affect the price. The former insulation is more expensive but much more effective and rigid (resists flexion) than the later.
  • The construction type of the door: 1 or 2 walls, sandwich-type or not, in aluminum or steel?
  • Its size: a one- or two-car garage? If you install two single doors, the price amounts to almost the price of a double door.
  • The door design: is it classic or carriage house-style?
  • The door colour: White? Or a premium colour?
Standard+, model pattern: North Hatley SP, 9' x 7’
Standard+, model pattern: North Hatley SP, 9' x 7’


  • This factor can have a major influence on the price: no windows or a full row.
  • The type of glass: regular clear? Tinted or frosted for a little privacy? With grids to complement the windows in your home? With a design that goes with your front door? Based on your choice of model, the window price can quadruple.
Acadia 138, model pattern: North Hatley SP, 9’ x 7’
Acadia 138, model pattern: North Hatley SP, 9’ x 7’

Garage doors for 2 cars

  • If you already have a door opener, a technician can simply hook it up on your new door and ensure that everything is working correctly.
  • There are different types of garage door openers. Prices vary based on the horsepower, ½ HP or ¾ HP, AC or DC motor. Your choice of accessories will also affect the price.
  • Choose a door opener with the trolley made in one piece. It’s more solid and you won’t have to climb a ladder to tighten the bolts.
Standard+ door, model pattern: Classic XL, 16’ x 7’
Standard+ door, model pattern: Classic XL, 16’ x 7’

And the installation?

If it’s for a new garage, the installation can vary between $300 for a single door and $600 for a double door. If you are installing a new garage door opener, add $200.

Other factors to foresee:

  • Installing a new garage door opener and its accessories.
  • If there isn’t enough headroom over the door.
  • If we are talking about a renovation, the cost of carpentry work, if needed, must be added. In addition, add the cost of removing and getting rid of the current door.
  • If you want to recover the exterior frame with aluminum.
Standard+ door, model pattern: Classic CC, 6’ x 7’
Standard+ door, model pattern: Classic CC, 6’ x 7’

Correctly identify your needs

For your construction or renovation project to be a success, properly identify your needs: what is most important to you based on your purchasing criteria?

  • Better insulation and weathertightness for your whole garage door system?
  • More style and taste to coordinate your garage door with the architectural style of your house?
  • A product that needs the least possible maintenance, especially no more painting to do?
  • The most functional and economic door possible that stays within the budget you fixed?

Whatever your project is, before you start shopping around, why not visualize your door in the Design Centre? It’s easy to use and in less than 5 minutes you can create the garage door of your dreams!

GARAGA garage door dealers can guide you through all the stages of your project:

  • free consultation in their showroom;
  • free estimation, with precise details of the one you choose, including a color illustration of your next garage door;
  • taking measurements on site so you are presented with a professional and complete quotation.

Contact us now. We know how to respect your needs, your tastes and especially the budget you’ve established. We want to be sure that your next purchase of a Garaga door is a choice you will never regret and that it will last as long as you own your home!

To view all our door models, simply use our Design Centre. This way you can create your next dream garage door!

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