As experts in commercial and industrial garage overhead doors, we are here to help …

We offer experience in industrial and commercial doors of all kinds

At Brooks Garage Doors, located in Brooks, we have the knowledge and skill to meet your garage door needs, including expertise in products and repairs. We go well beyond traditional overhead, sectional doors, too.

Before we even begin, we meet with you, learn what it is you need, and then help you make all of the right choices. We take the time to find out the kind of building you have, the work you do there and only then do we show you the products that are a good fit to your needs.

Offering advice at every step, we are here for you from the very beginning of the project, helping develop specifications, seeing that proper installation is done and handling all of the final, finishing touches.

We make it easy to make all of the right choices

Choosing premium commercial or industrial overhead doors can seem confusing and difficult. Our goal is to ensure that the entire process is easier than ever. We know that the right choice is the one that corresponds to the ways you will use the door. It is also one that works with your budget and really delivers.

To ensure everything is simple, straightforward and easy, we reprint our step-by-step guide here:

Step One: Select the overhead door that will be right for the customer’s application.

Step Two: Select the door system based on the durability and sturdiness required by the customer. Use the dimensions of the garage door, the materials and open/close cycles expected each day.

Step Three: Choose the best garage door opener and safety accessories.

Step Four: Select the ideal type of windows for our customer's needs.

NOTE: We always select components with the right amount sturdiness required for the project. This helps eliminate the need for unforeseen repairs and even 911 calls! The appropriate choice is always the overhead door suited to its intended use.

As part of our service, we have actually created a scale used to determine whether a door is light duty, heavy duty and super heavy duty.

Benefits of preventative maintenance

We will also offer clients a program of planned preventive maintenance that ensures optimal operation of any garage door, and may prevent service downtime for many years.

Good installers learn by doing

At Garaga, our team of commercial and industrial overhead door professionals, has the kind of experience and knowledge that comes from many hours of actual work. We learn by doing and are experts at the ins and outs of commercial and industrial doors. We know our business, and we guarantee our performance. We serve Brooks, Bassano, Jenner, Tilley, Hanna, Rolling Hills, Duchess, Cessford, Lomond and surrounding area.

We consider an overhead door, or any other type of garage door, an essential component in any client's project. Selecting the ideal products, doing a proper installation with skilled installers, and making plans for regular inspections ensures quality and saves clients' time and money.

Here at Brooks Garage Doors, we are always seeking new opportunities to help and support architects and builders in Brooks and surroundings areas. Call us now at 403-362-5813 or complete our online form to get a free quote.

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